The idea was to built an ephemeral sculpture in an unofficial camp of asylum seekers in Grenoble, France. This place was called Valmy camp.

This sculpture evokes the shape of an emergency shelter used in refugees camps.

This structure should have been built with wood and barricade tape.

The colored tape symbolizes emergency. It is used in construction zones. It is also used by the police to "protect" an area before its destruction.

The installation which evokes the "red cross" tent is like a ghost of what it should/could be. It underlines the absence of official help for migrants abandoned by the authorities.
It is also connected with the construction process of the camp which was destroyed partially and rebuilt many times (first destruction by the police and second by fascists).

This piece can be understand as a monument connected with the context, a kind of public art "povera".

The camp was destroyed before the project was realized whereas the inhabitants of the camps validated the project. After the complete destruction of the camp, private guards payed by the city keep a watch on the area in order people can't install again on this place.