The basis of this exhibition is the social practice of the association Madame Ruetabaga which operates in ghettos as well as the Roma slums in the urban area of Grenoble (France). It sets up friendly and artistic creative workshops such as cooking, gardening, literacy courses, ensures their rights are protected and much more.


The practice of the association is connected with works of confirmed artists.


The creations produced during the street workshops by children, teenagers and young adults also interact with the various pieces, creating astonishing connections.


The keywords of this exhibition seems to be “détournement”/hijack (of images, spaces...) and periphery.


But this exhibition is mainly a social and artistic experiment, which questions the production contexts, creates a dialogue between artists and creations in progress while disturbing the borders between art and no art, art and everyday life.


This exhibition is a focal point. Convergence in the diversity and the abundance where different levels of creation are mixed in an interrogative horizontality.